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Getting Lost At Home Edition Green

Getting Lost



The At Home Edition of the Getting Lost Game is to keep you and the kids

inspired, active and busy during the times when you can’t go out and explore!


Featuring 30 awesome activities that you can do around your home or garden the Getting Lost At Home Edition is purposefully nostalgic with loads of low cost things you can do with what’s in your house right now.  And best of all – they are off devices to give kids (and you) a break from them during long stretches at home.

It’s going to be so much fun!  We’ve got tons of things the kids will love like building huts, baking, making hopscotch in the hall or making potions.  We’ve got some things the grown ups will love like pick up 20 things in your bedroom or do a chore for your favourite person. And some things that are just good for right now like call your grandparents, write a letter to someone and wash your hands!

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