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Ecovask 3 Pack Cloths




They are so lovely to use. Thick, absorbent and super versatile, we use them for everything from wiping our bench tops, cupboards, splash back and stove as well as washing dishes. They are also a ‘must have’ if you have a coffee machine and milk wand… 


Oh and they make a beautiful face cloth too!  


They are so easy care and are colour fast. They rinse out easily and to clean - just throw them into the washing machine with your towels (temperature up to 60° Celsius). They will also go through the dryer no problem – they won’t shrink. Just don't put them near bleach!


We find our cloths last around 18 months to 2 years before we relegate them to become cleaning cloths around the house.


25cm x 25cm. 

SKU: 14855

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