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Zap! Extra Pocket Rockets




Build Your Own Super Rockets 3... 2.... 1... BLAST OFF! Kids can prepare to launch themselves into a universe of fun as they learn to make, decorate and go on missions with their very own rockets with Zap! Extra: Build Your Own Super Rockets! This power-packed kit includes two rockets and a launcher, as well as the parts to create an amazing bottlerocket launcher that shoots the DIY rocket several metres into the air. Each of the 11 projects include easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Battle against friends using the fun included games or embark on solo missions. Plus, learn how rockets work and read about some really cool space missions and facts! • 48-page book • water-rocket kit • sticker sheet to personalise the rocket • 2 sets of hand rocket launchers and 4 foam rockets 

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