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Miniature Constructables




The Miniature Constructables series contains 12 different models for little engineers to collect. They can build a motorbike, race car, excavator, truck, a tank, and much more! Each set features real tools and real metal pieces that are used for construction and this is something children will find far more engaging and fun than your traditional brick building sets. Getting to be more hands on with their own little tool kit is going to be something that they think is very cool. Each set features a very easy to follow set of instructions so that children know what they are doing, but do not get frustrated. As the name, Miniature Constructables suggests, these are nice and compact. This means that they can take them wherever they go, put them on display in their room or even fit a whole bunch of them in a toy box. These take up very little space and make very little mess. Best of all, children will be learning as they are having fun. Just like the larger Construct It sets, the Miniature Constructables line is built around the principles of STEM learning. This means that children are learning new skills as they play. They get to work on their hand-eye coordination, develop their problem-solving skills and even learn the basics of engineering too! Suitable for ages 6 and up. Key Features: This line features 12 very collectible vehicles Each set comes with a mini tool kit Children will love using the tools to make these vehicles These are very compact and fun to collect As well as being fun, Miniature Constructables are packed with educational value too

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